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Wacky Font Effect (Very Basic)

Posted by Kristan Thursday, June 24, 2010 View Comments

The "basics" of a good concept of a wallpaper are the fonts and colors. So this is the most simple way to establish a rhythmic wallpaper. In this blog post, i'm going to share to you a very simple font effect which can be of good use in certain graphic concepts.

Let's call it the wacky font. Chug, chug, chug. With just 5 Photoshop steps, you can create a font effect like this:

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1.) After opening Photoshop, decide for the colors you want to use. In my case, I decided to set a dark background and neon colors for the font. Or the other way around, just don't make the background and font colors the same, otherwise, your output will look like a Chamelion.

2.) Choosing a good font. In my output, I used Franchise Font.

3.) Type in a word to start effect. I used the statement, "Light Peace Love". Voila! Your doing good this time.

4.) Duplicate, 0-fill, and adding a stroke. Duplicate the font layer and be sure to make the Fill 0 (not the opacity). After doing this, you will see nothing, it's all right. Right click the text-layer and select Blending Options, go to Stroke and set the size to 1 (if its not already visible, then go for 2), set the fill color same with the color of your font.

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5.) Align, Tilt, and Tilt the Duplicates. Now we're almost done! Align the duplicated layer to your original text-layer, and tilt it ti add the effect. Duplicate these many times, and see the output. Play these layers by tilting them in different angles. Now we're done! Simple! Now you can create your own wallpaper by just using this. Goodluck!

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Kristan Franco's blog

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