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Free 10 Sketched Cartoon Squids Photoshop Brushes

Posted by Kristan Friday, January 29, 2010

ZAP!!! I got to play with my drawing pen again and this time, human-alike cartoon squids buzzed my creative juice. Just in case you wanted some sketched elements in your Photoshop canvas, you might want to use these as BRUSHES! Yes, brushes! This is my second brush set made in Photoshop CS4.


These sketched cartoon squid brush set approached in a more humanistic way are ideal and can be matched with scribbles and doodles, since these are pen-made.

If you want to use these brushes, you can download the Free 10 Sketched Cartoon Squids Photoshop Brushes set
here. Since any Photoshop brush or brush set has a file extension of .abr, this HI-RES brush set should be compatbile with all versions of Photoshop
Terms of use: The brushes can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Since these brushes are for free, no redistributing is allowed. Please do refer to this original blog post in order to share it to others.

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