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Faking Infrared Photo in Photoshop Using Actions

Posted by Kristan Saturday, January 23, 2010

Infrared Photography refers to the area of photography in which photos are taken with film sensitive to infrared light.

When these filters are used together with infrared-sensitive film or sensors, very interesting "in-camera effects" can be obtained. false-color or black-and-white images with a dreamlike or sometimes lurid appearance known as the "Wood Effect," an effect mainly caused by foliage (such as tree leaves and grass) strongly reflecting in the same way visible light is reflected from snow.

In real IR processing, infrared filters could be very expensive to obtain. In solution to that, the use of Adobe Photoshop and its certain features such as channel mixer and RGB and LAB colors, photography hobbyists and even professionals can obtain the results close to a real infrared-processed shot.

Download my free Photoshop 2 versions of Fake Infrared action sets here and here.

With various tools and resources available in the web, I managed to create sets of Photoshop actions in faking the infrared processing on photos.

Here are the results of the photos I processed fakely in Photoshop. Hover your cursor in the images to see the result.




Are the results close enough? Download my Fake Infrared actions sets now and study the steps on how to fakely process your photos. Goodluck!

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