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Create a CD Album Cover Out of a Sketched Canvas

Posted by Kristan Saturday, January 23, 2010

http://kristanfranco.blogspot.com/I found myself doodling and sketching while being admitted to the hospital for some medication, and after a week, examination took its toll on me. It's great to be back blogging again after a week of examination. One new post after a week or two!

Since i've been admitted for almost a week at the hospital, I was able to design two sketched canvas, with just pure sign pen. Anything out of imagination, 2 abstract drawings were made. Sketching is exciting, do you agree?


So, as you may notice that this drawing is so dull and looking at it might be uninteresting. To optimize this drawing, I decided to turn it into an cd album cover.

Music has been an inspiration to me. I've been into a band and making Album covers must be fun and exciting. With the use of certain splatter brushes and textures found around the web, I was able to make this hoax cd album cover.


Here are some tips in making awesome CD Album covers:

1.) Prepare your drawing.

You have to scan your drawing. In my part, I just shoot this drawing on a clean floor, with the highest quality as much as possible.

2.) Prepare the brushes and texture.

I was able to find some splatter brushes around the web, so go help yourself. In the texture, I've been a reader of Inspiredology and the author offered high quality textures.

So go download them.

3.) The genre of your Album cover.

You wouldn't want to entitle your album cover as "Lovely Hearts" when you notice that the design is pure grunge, would you? So decide for an appropriate theme for a title of the album.

For example, I just choose Chicosci's previous album title, "Method of Breathing" for my hoax Album cover. It is somehow related because my drawing is abstract, but can be seen and can be percept as people. Life is related to the album title.

4.) Setting the blending options to MULTIPLY.

You may notice that when you try to overlap your drawing into the texture, the texture will be covered with the canvas' white background, mainly the bond paper you scanned.

So the solution to this problem is, set the blending options of your drawn piece into MULTIPLY

5.) Splatter brushes over the layers.

To add a more dramatic effect, we use the splatter brushes. Complimentary colors are brilliant to see, so we get hold of these colors.

Be sure to create a new layer over all the layers, and brush as much as you want. After brushing, now you're almost done. Set the blending options to Linear Burn and see for yourself a good transformation out of the drawn canvas.

6.) Album Title has the impact.

For the finale, add your album title in a simple or complicated way. In my piece, I just use a very basic font in order to contrast with the grungy background. With this, contrast became an impact.

So here is my final work:


Credit for PSHero for the awesome slick cd container.

See? Just viewing your own work makes you want to be a rockstar!

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