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Why watching The Next One concert is a must?

Posted by Kristan Friday, November 27, 2009

If you are one of the 21 readers of this site, then probably, you could've read my winning post about David Pomeranz' concert established by Dreamwork Ventures. It must've been the cheesiest words that gave my blog entry to reach the first place in blog writing contest about the great singer's concert.

That was long ago, and that blog was now into deep silence. As an introduction to my latest blog, a more personal one, this post would be an official entry to Dreamwork Venture's and Gensan News Online Mag's Sarah Geronimo The Next One blog writing contest, while stating your 5 reasons why you should watch the Pop Princess' event.

...Yes, Sarah Geronimo? Ring a bell? That name is always in the air. The one who made "sundance" famous and that soul-hitting notes "Forever's Not Enought"? Definitely, Sarah Geronimo's The Next One Philippine Tour had just hit Gensan. December 11,2009 would be a history where she will rock Lagao Gym, GSC.

Here are 5 reasons I formulated on why you should watch this concert.

1.) Pop Princess-turned actress.

See what's unique? Sarah Geronimo made her way on screen with A Very Special Love, and its sequel, You Changed My Life, while maintaining the popular image as, "Pop Princess", with her famous songs, "Lumingon Ka Lang", "Sa Iyo", "A Very Special Love", and many other hits.

Seeing here perform live is very different on-screen, she got to prove the power of her voice, and those manic dance moves she applied in her pop beats. I know, we all want to see the hottest singing sensation LIVE!

2.) Sarah and her "bungisngis" looks

From the hair, eyes, and her smile, it would be better if you who see her in person. Experience her very positive aura using her "bungisngis" expressions.

I've been wanting to see her in person, the fact that she's one of the most famous singer in our country. Her jolly personality would definitely catch everyone's attention.

3.) All-in-one concert

It's not just the Pop Princess who would jive with the Generals on the event night, but also the hottest singing sensations of this generation.

Adding flavors to this concert, Mark Bautista, which would serve as Sarah G's duet partner. While sizzling up the upbeats, Billy Joe Crawford and Jay-R would pop their way in the RnB tunes along with Jimmy Marquez and Simon Wood.

4.) Full Band means Full Blast!

Louie Ocampo, famous musical composer and arranger, the man who , would eventually lead the band that will accompany the Pop Princess. Not just that, i've been seeing the his genius works through famous artists singing performance. APO Hiking Society and Gary V. are just one of the many who applied his works.

So, if Louie Ocampo would lead a band, the creative mix inside the venue would definitely be in full blast. Thus, maintaining the good quality of the music and the powerful harmony of the instruments.

5.) Stress-free

Believe me, my everyday life as an IT student is so toxic, so, this event, would definitely unwind myself. It would definitely break the ice. I've got to relax somehow, and I know, I could enjoy this concert with the upbeat songs that would eventually make us dance.

Got the good points? I know these are just few of the thousand reasons why you should watch The Next One concert.

With the help of Mr. Michael Wee of Dreamwork Ventures and the most famous blog of SOCCSKSARGEN, Gensan News Online Mag, this blog contest is established.

Below is the official poster and sponsors of the concert. Click the image below to see the original size.

Full concert details of The Next One here.

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