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The Downside of Globalization

Posted by Kristan Thursday, December 3, 2009

I spent my free time playing with Photoshop, while saving up the half of it reading some notes. I didn't expect i'd end up hitting the topic globalization. Here it is.


This image is manipulated by Kristan Franco

We all know that globalization stiffens a nation's productivity, culture pooling, and progress into nations through cash flows. Unity among worlds to function as one happens in this state, yet, we are to see globalization on another side of the tale.

First of all, globalization has been cited to enhance human life standards and productivity among the nations. Seeing that the population of the world is increasing, the effort of productivity is also increasing, thus leading to inventions of machineries to support productivity. Since most of the industries used machineries, unemployment ignites, and loafers float, in this manner, people ended up falling into poverty.

Eventually, culture is also affected when globalization is peaking. Countries that are more financially advance are the ones who top others. Importing goods such as gadgets, clothes, songs, and movies is a clear example of losing the culture of an underdog country. Furthermore, risking a small culture that would gradually fade.

Decisively, we should not forget that Globalization has its disadvantages, major disadvantages. These are big deal. Unemployment would set in, deterioration of our culture arise, and competition among countries would be firmed. Furthermore, people look for enlightenment about this wrong usage for globalization can't be undone.

Disclaimer notice:
The elephant image is owned by National Geographic channel and photographed by Beverly Joubert
The globe and the scope are from google photos

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