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Glossy Font Effect and Reflection

Posted by Kristan Monday, December 28, 2009

Inspired by Web 2.0, this is a good old basic tutorial on how to make an appealing font effect through nice combination of colors and font. This is the very first tutorial I've learned in Photoshop.


Since you are already reading this, I think I could share some tips here. There are tons of tutorials regarding a glossy font effect with reflection in it, but these are the 17 basic ways of creating a glossy font and its reflection.

1.) Open a new document in any size and fill the background with white (#ffffff) or black (#000000)
2.) Type in your desired text. In this preview I type "reflection" and set the font style on Bahaus 93 and set the font color to lighter blue (#58b7d3)
3.) now set the foreground color to #7eb5e8 (lighter blue) and the background color to #326978 (darker blue).
4.) then go to blending options (right click the text layer and select blending options).
5.) after selecting blending options, check the gradient overlay box and set the ff:

angle - 90 degrees
opacity - 100 percent
scale - 100 percent
blend mode: normal
gradient: select the gradient blue, the colors we set above (lighter blue to darker blue)

6.) now you have a font with a gradient overlaid in it, now we will add a gloss on the font's upper part (darker part).

7.) create a circular shape on the upper part of the created font. Notice that the shape have almost covered the font.

8.) Then, rasterize (layers palette>right click layer>rasterize) the newly made circle. After rasterizing, be sure to select the newly rasterized layer of the circle and hold down CTRL while clicking the text layer (REFLECTION word). If you got it right, there would be running lines (marquee) containing the font.

9.) Press CTRL+SHIFT+I to invert the selection made instead of the text, the selection would now be outside the word. Press delete to remove the outer part of the circle. If you got it correctly, the inner part of the circle is slightly covering the font, so reduce the opacity into 17 percent.

10.) Select the eraser tool (E) to erase the upper part of your circle. You can also make the brush solid or soft-edged, it depends on how it appears to you

Now, we will try to add a reflection to have a more dramatic approach here, not really.

11.) merge all the visible, but do not include the background layer.
12.) then duplicate the merged layer font.
13.) ctrl + t to rotate the duplicated layer to 180 degrees.
14.) hold down alt + shift while dragging the left side button of the duplicated layer to its right side (if you did it correctly, the "font effect will still be read, but it is inverse.)
15.) then reduce its opacity to 50 percent
16.) pressed "e" to select the eraser tool, and set its opacity to 43 and its flow to 80
17.) erase the bottom part of the duplicated layer carefully, and erase it until you'll get your favored result.

Here is the final result:


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