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Zap Your Brain

Posted by Kristan Saturday, December 5, 2009

You know what I love about this second semester? Weekends. The only way I can let myself be free from stress is Saturday and Sunday. It's my second year being a frustrated IT student, and right now, i'm feeling the pressure of being one.

Zap Your Brains by Kristan Franco

From the least expected minor teachers, down to profound terror profs infamous for their mind-blowing exams and quizzes, it's really a big deal to pass this semester, just to proced in the third year, which serves as the pivot point for most of IT students. 

Another week of pressure, yet i'm always ready. Keeping my brain electrified just to withstand consecutive 2-hour lectures from different major subjects.I finally found myself busy these past weeks and i'm expecting the same these coming weeks.  

I've been loaded with most of the subjects during MWF. While I have most of my free time in TTH. 

MWF: Reality check. 

4:30 am - My phone alarms (One Missed Call tone) but snoozes it into 6 am! 
6:00 - i'm awake, gargles mouth, and stare blanky (starting up my brain) 
6:10 - Eating my breakfast (A MUST!) 
6:15 - Shower mode, (soap's getting thinner) 
6:30 - I'm probably out in the shower room and grooming my self for 30 minutes! 
7:00 - I'm off to school (15-minute ride would do) 
7:30 - Psychology Class (The blah blah's of the works of our brain) 
8:30 - PE (I hate early PE's, that means, i'll be sweating myself early!) 
9:30 - My first major class, IT 225 Object-Oriented Programming (Working with VB .Net 2003) 
11:30 - 1-hour lunch 
12:30 - History (This class is so boring, trust me!) 
1:30 - Two-hour class in this second major, IT 226 DBMS 2 (Fail!) 
3:30 - Two-hour class in IT 224, System Analysis and Design (Fail!) 
5:30 - No time for strolls, I'm going home. 


Usual routine, until... 

7:30 - Physics class (THE MOST STUPID SUBJECT) 
9:00 - Laboratory hands-on 
10:00 - 2-hour break for lunch 
12:00 - English class, technical writing (Somehow, this interests me) 
1:30 - Religious Education (I've got a crush on my RE teacher. Yay!) 

See? Would you agree that my week is toxic? Nevertheless, I still enjoy going to school (not just for my daily allowanc), but to the ongoing learnings I experience. One way to keep the enthusiasm floatin, ZAP YOUR MIND! 

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