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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Disney's Tangled

Posted by Kristan Sunday, February 6, 2011

Disney's Tangled - a classic tale of Rapunzel with a twist of spices (you know what I mean). Imagine, it was like Shrek + classic Rapunzel + Robin Hood = Tangled.


I was given the opportunity to watch Tangled although it's quite late.

I must say that Tangled became one of my favorites 3d animation of Disney. We all know that it's an old Rapunzel-like approach, but guess what? Flynn Ryder - Rapunzel's love interest, and what Disney really wanted you to know, is the major "new" in the film.
“Tangled” jumps off with the classic story of Rapunzel – a princess whose mother nearly died during pregnancy. She is healed by a magical plant, stolen from the evil Gothel, who has been using the plant as a fountain of youth, of sorts. The child – Rapunzel – is born healthy, and the healing powers have been transferred from the plant to the baby. Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel, raising her as her own daughter locked in a tower.
The major twist picks up when Rapunzel finally decided to ask her "mother" to go out in the real word just to witness the "lights" coming out from the palace during her birthday (held every year in her honor). I wouldn't spoil it to you dear readers, so it starts there, and just before you know, Flynn Ryder is already in the scene - with Rapunzel.


I can give you 5 major reasons why you should watch this film:

1.) It's a DISNEY - of course, it's Disney's trademark to impress people with its animated films. Anything larger than that? It's Disney! Anything Disney is just like anything delicious.

2.) A classic tale with a major twist - like I said, the film was like Shrek with a hint of Robin Hood plus the major spices of Rapunzel. Seriously, Flynn Ryder, being a thief (im afraid I spoiled it), reminds me of the Robin Hood catch-me-if-you-can scene. Why i'd say Shrek? C'mon, it's a magical world - this includes the rivalry of Maximus (the genius horse who acts like a dog) and Flynn Ryder who later became friends in the film, just like Donkey and Shrek.

3.) Musical! Really really musical - Would you freak out? Plainly, no. I mean, there's so many Disney films that are musical, but this one is quite of a modern. Songs like, "I See the Light", "When Will My Life Begin" and of course the evil "mother", Gothel, would also catch up with, "Mother Knows Best". Any reasons why you watch this film? Knowing that its musical?  In fact, the casts includes Mandy Moore as Rapunzel, Zachary Levi would be Flynn Ryder and Donna Murphy for Gothel. It doesnt' bore you, it is BROADWAY WORTHY!


4.) The Major Frying Pan - Their weapon would be frying pans. Just don't ask why. Watch the movie and laugh why frying pans were the issue!


5.) For everyone - When I say, "For everyone", you know what I mean. Adults would love to laugh with their youngsters as well. Now, go now, go, go!

So, i'm done with me reasons. Would it encourage you? I just hope so. Go watch Tangled now in cinemas near you.

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