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10 Reasons Why We Should Be Proud Filipinos

Posted by Kristan Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It is December 30, and we Filipinos never forget what our national hero, Jose Rizal did to our country. He spent most of his years fighting for the Filipinos' freedom, thus, making us proud of him, and to our heritage.

Being a Filipino is worth living for. Our heritage is unique in our own way. We give importance to our culture, and most of all, our fellow countrymen.


If you are a a PROUD FILIPINO, then you can fir one of these 10 unique traits we, Filipino have:

1. Camaraderie - Recently, we experienced consecutive typhoons, but we also witnessed how strong the foundation of our country is when it comes to helping each one of us
2. Religious - Filipinos are God-fearing
3. Hardcore Filipino Telenovelas - every tv station is up to it, and every viewer is updated to the tv series' latest hapenings.
4. Good Traveller - Filipinos are adventurous, we almost wander around the nation, also to the other part of the world.
5. Family Values - We are very much concerned to each of our family.
6. Resourceful - A Filipino is resourceful, he or she think of a way to get the job done.
7. Fiesta Gathering - It is found in every celebration, birthdays, fiestas, and some special gatherings. We don't forget LECHON!
8. Expression of Attitude Towards Art - We are creative, Pinoys are very creative, because each of us have talent.
9. Fond of Streetfoods - Everyone loves to stay and eat at a stall somewhere in the streets, It is our past-time, eating kwek-kwek, isaw (chicken intestine), and barbecues.
10. Videoke Masters - We are fond of singing-along with the beat of a videoke machine, the coin-operated videoke machine, it doesn't matter how many coins we have spent, but the thing is, we have fun having the spirit of being PINOY.

These were just 10 out of the many reasons I could formulate on why we should be proud of our heritage. I know there are tons of reasons why we should be proud of ourselves, and these are infinit. Just be yourself, show to the world, be a proud PINOY!

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