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Friendster's Facelift - Too late

Posted by Kristan Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two years ago, i've been an active user of Friendster. I was a top user of the social network. I can even recall how I gain a thousand of friends with the social network, joined interest-related groups. I even became a poser of a celebrity. Shh.


The downfall of Friendster began when the site has been acting weirdly, users loss their collection of friends, and even the thousand of comments, those valuable and mostly graphics! Users reacted negatively about the site. The admin expected a mass of complaints regarding the happening.

The problem lasted for about a month. As expected, thousand of users left and tried other social networking sites. Then here comes Facebook.

Since all my comments and friends were unexpectedly deleted in my Friendster profile, I decided to tryout Facebook and validate if it is just like Friendster itself. So I tried registering an acocunt.

After a few months, I've been indulge into Facebook's realm, a plan on deleting my Friendster account has been pondering me. I end up leaving my Friendster account untouched for some certain reasons. From that moment, I began to see Friendster's downfall.


December - I decided to check Friendster to view some of my old photos, at first, I thought I arrived at the wrong url, but soon I saw the scribbled logo of Friendster. The whole site had been reconstructed, the layout, the color, and Friendster itself. Friendter undergone facelift, but it's too late. They would definitely can't make-up with their loss. It's very late.


The interface is quite good, bright colors would attract, but unfortunately, the site loss its formality. A child can even scribble a Friendster logo just like that. On the other hand, the site receive most of the positive feedback from their former and new users. Friendster eventually undergo facelift to compete with the current outstanding Facebook, or probably just to make their site on the headline again.

Well, in conclusion, I would never be an active Friendster user again. I'll just log in for some important purposes such as getting old photos, but i'll never be a top Friendster user again. It's just a matter of decision.

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