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Kristan Jan Q. Franco is rooted from General Santos City, and is a 20-year old student of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. With the course Information Technology, he is into web designing, graphic designs, ads, and photography. Having been introduced into digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and CSS coding, he began designing variety of graphics in his high school days. When he stepped into college, his interests expanded. With a cheap digicam and a Single Lens Reflex camera, he was engaged into photography and sees it as a hobby. Read more about KFranco »

An Open Letter to Santa

Posted by Kristan Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Santa,

I've been dying to see your real face. Its 24th of December and I haven't received any gift from you yet. You even left our dashboard messy and didn't even bother to leave a real Christmas present. If you're reading this right now, hope your conscience will help you decide. Since you're already a fat fella, I won't even bother to share mom's good old baked macaroons . I know you're restless but what about making my day happy?

Dear fat man, hours from now you'll be busy dropping gifts on houses, but you're forgetting to drop a single present here. If you think I'll be off wandering in my sleep, hell no, I'll be waiting for a drop from you. I'm also planning to get a glimpse on your toyshop there, North Pole must be way freezing now. One thing, are your elves sexy? World wide web must be joking, I see booty elves. Who knows? You yourself know.

Well, if you can't accept my smallest request, will you just make these Chicken instantly covered with breadcrumbs. I know, I don't believe in magic, but I believe in your fat tummy. Since we've got no chimney, i'll wait for you in our small gate. If you also got time, could you fetch my clothes in the laundry shop nearby? I'm sure you'll agree. Lastly, can you provide me a laptop? Camera? You know these are my past time!

Come on, i'm sure you still got some of your tricks there. I know you can grant the wishes of a shallow person like me. I know you will. Anyway, same as you, i'll be taking a break, school was hell. Let's all hope, along with your sneezing reindeer, that this Christmas will be another interesting and great affair to experience. Goodluck to your gift-dropping tonight fat! Just be sure to greet all the fellas you see tonight!

Truly Yours,
Kristan Franco


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