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Kristan Jan Q. Franco is rooted from General Santos City, and is a 20-year old student of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. With the course Information Technology, he is into web designing, graphic designs, ads, and photography. Having been introduced into digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and CSS coding, he began designing variety of graphics in his high school days. When he stepped into college, his interests expanded. With a cheap digicam and a Single Lens Reflex camera, he was engaged into photography and sees it as a hobby. Read more about KFranco »

Topaz' Photoshop Filter for Your Photographs

Posted by Kristan Monday, December 21, 2009

There is always a limitation in using a certain camera, but one thing's for sure, do not limit your creativity.
Since i've been limited into short range shooting, more specifically 18-55mm lenses, and pale color output, I eventually use Photoshop to help construct my output.

In basic photography, one thing that is important in a composition is adjusting the contrastt, cropping, or the other way around, rendering with the help of Photoshop.

Topaz' PS Filter is a great way to set the contrast in your photos to produce photo's popping effect. The package offers great photo effects template and manual sliders for the colors and contrast. It's good to experiment and its interface is very reliable.

This one is a shot from Tropicana Beach Resort, one of the beaces here in Gensan. To add a more dramatic effect, I turned it into black and white, and set the contrast high enough to distingush the two shades, I also use curves. To tweak more of it, I pop the image using Topaz.

This highway is located in Panabo, Davao del Norte. Since the original output of this one is pale, and the sky was so clear, where you can barely see clouds on it, the best thing to do is to turn it into black and white. In addition, I added a crisp on the photo using the same Topaz' filter.

If you are a Photography hobbyist, you can check the software here, and see for yourself.
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