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Kristan Jan Q. Franco is rooted from General Santos City, and is a 20-year old student of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. With the course Information Technology, he is into web designing, graphic designs, ads, and photography. Having been introduced into digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and CSS coding, he began designing variety of graphics in his high school days. When he stepped into college, his interests expanded. With a cheap digicam and a Single Lens Reflex camera, he was engaged into photography and sees it as a hobby. Read more about KFranco »

Xara 3D - Retro Wallpaper

Posted by Kristan Saturday, December 19, 2009

If you are new to Xara 3D, then better read my post about the software, and it's simple yet cool features.

This wallpaper is the first wallpaper I created out of Xara 3D's 3D text effect with Photshop CS4 as enhancement. Learning the basics is a must.

Retro 3D Text Wallpaper:


Using bright colors and fuzzy fonts make a retro theme. Retro brushes and vector rays are the most common features of a retro-themed wallpaper.

This wallpaper is available in 1024x768 res, and 1280x800 res. Download here:

3d Retro Text 1024x768
3d Retro Text 1280x800

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